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Offshore business in Switzerland:


We do not need to present Switzerland, located in the middle of Western Europe, this offshore jurisdiction is internationally recognized as a top level wealth management and confidential destination. As well as Monaco and Luxembourg, to open an offshore bank account in Switzerland will offer you exclusive financial products, with high efficiency and diversity. Without any doubt the banking services will satisfy and surprise you.

Opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland will bring you many advantages. First of all, the banking secrecy is there historically guaranteed and the political stability of this neutral state is very interesting for investors. But to incorporate an offshore company in Switzerland doesn’t really make sense from an economical point of view as Switzerland will be an expensive one in terms of administrative and accounting requirements. The taxation rate of the corporate profit is negotiable directly with the local authorities but usually a discount encouraging you to bring some business in the country is only given to big companies or groups. Finally, the initial minimum share capital to bring in your business is approximately € 70’000.

At FCBA Offshore Ltd, we do recommend our clients having a big amount of money available to open in Switzerland an offshore bank account in order to benefit from the efficiency of the wealth management products offered in this offshore jurisdiction. But as for the incorporation of an offshore company we usually tend to favor other jurisdictions even if all situations are different. A personal study of all individual cases should be done together with FCBA Offshore experts and could anyway lead to the Switzerland solution.

However, to open an offshore bank account or to incorporate an offshore company in Switzerland is not that easy but thanks to our experience, our network and our partnerships with local banks we should be able to help you if and only if your profile is up to the jurisdiction.

Finally, be aware of the fact that the initial deposit required by the banks is quite big and this could prevent you from opening an offshore bank account or from having an easy and fast running business.


Please if you need any additional information feel free to contact FCBA Offshore Ltd team members.


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