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FCBA Offshore Ltd is the specialist of the offshore business and our experienced staff is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

FCBA Offshore Ltd has been founded by experienced professionals of the offshore business willing to set-up their own company thanks to their strong connections within the business. Thanks to its network, FCBA Offshore Ltd has been able to create simple, efficient and affordable products.

Our mission is to find an offshore solution which will fit with your personal or professional situations and to take care of all administrative tasks related to the incorporation of your offshore company as well as all other ones (including accounting) required on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This is our big advantage in comparison with our competitors who are always ready to help you to incorporate your company in the beginning but who will later disappear and let you administrate your offshore company by yourself.

Therefore if you decide to trust us and to work together with us, we guarantee you a high quality service in addition to both discretion and the access to all the benefits of the offshore business on a long term basis.

After a first contact by email, we promise to contact you within 48 hours and to develop together with you an offshore solution adaptaed to both your personal and professional situations. For us it is key to know what are the motivations pushing you to enter the offshore business. There is no doubt that our experienced consultants will advise you and propose you an adapted solution. Even if exclusive, the offshore world is not reserved to a minority of perons and our wish at FCBA Offshore Ltd is to have a maximum of persons benefiting from the offshore business.

SIMPLICITY, EFFICIENCY and ECONOMY that is what we are ready to guarantee you.

Visit our website and look more closely at the products and services we offer. Always more numerous and diverse, they are able to provide you with an adapted offshore solution.


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