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Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean near the Mauritius Island and not so far from Madagascar. This archipelago of 115 islands is one of the top offshore destination worldwide offering security and a lot of financial benefits. Seychelles which used to be under British dominance has a very business oriented legislation because based on the English model. The laws there are much more flexible and modern than in the European Union which is a strong asset and motivates many foreign investors in moving their business into this jurisdiction. Also, the new recently voted tax reforms are increasing the interests of this jurisdiction and are a proof of the willingness of the government to enhance its dominant position.

The main reasons to either open an offshore bank account or to incorporate an offshore company in Seychelles are:

At FCBA Offshore Ltd, we strongly recommend to our clients to either open an offshore bank account or to incorporate an offshore company in Seychelles if they are interested in confidentiality. Actually, in addition to the benefits listed above, your Seychelles offshore company will enable you to conduct your business everywhere in the world as Seychelles is not listed as a tax heaven by OECD. Only a few companies part of big international groups based in Europe and willing not to establish any business relations with Seychelles could refuse paying invoices from this destination even if it is not prohibited by their states. Also the Seychelles administration is one of the simplest, cheapest and most efficient worldwide. This will ease your relation with the local authorities on a daily basis. Finally, opening an offshore bank account in the archipelago will guarantee you a total anonymity as Seychelles is respecting the banking secrecy.

To open an offshore bank account or to incorporate an offshore company in Seychelles is something easy for us and we could enjoy our network and partnerships with local banks to you.

Finally, be aware that the initial deposit of your offshore bank account required by banks is low and will therefore by no means be a drag for you to open your offshore bank account.


Please if you need any additional information feel free to contact FCBA Offshore Ltd team members.


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