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This website is published by FCBA Offshore Ltd, a company registered in Seychelles.

FCBA Offshore Ltd is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom or any other regulatory authority in any other country. Therefore, FCBA Offshore Ltd does not give any investment advice.

Likewise, FCBA Offshore Ltd can receive deposit from the general public only in the form of fees.

The purpose of this website is to inform the public about the activities of FCBA Offshore Ltd. Its content is neither a trade commitment from FCBA Offshore Ltd not from its affiliates or partners.

FCBA Offshore Ltd endeavors to ensure that the information given on this website is accurate and up-to-date and reserves the right to correct the contents at any time and without notice. However, it cannot guarantee this information is exhaustive. In addition, it declines any liability in the case of errors or omissions in this information.

Any person wishing to benefit from one of the services or products presented here is asked to contact FCBA Offshore Ltd to find out about the availability of the service or product in question as well as the contractual terms and rates applicable…

FCBA Offshore Ltd declines any liability as to the content of these pages and their use by any person whatsoever and states that any publication, use or distribution of this site, even partial, must be authorized in advance.

The information available on this web site is legal under the British laws.

The possession and use of an offshore account might be regulated by the country of residence of the owner.

FCBA Offshore Ltd will not provide any of the products or services presented here to a person if this is prohibited by the law in this person’s country of origin or any other country concerning this person.

FCBA Offshore Ltd does check the activities of its customers but cannot be responsible for the activities carried out by its customers.

FCBA Offshore Ltd states that the majority of the jurisdictions proposed offer absolute confidentiality. Holders of an offshore account are responsible for declaring this information to the tax authorities of their country of residence, as well as all their revenues.


The contents of the internet site ( are given for information purposes. FCBA Offshore Ltd shall not be held responsible for changes, developments or amendments to legislation or the tax regimes in specific jurisdictions, and its content cannot be applied in its strictest meaning by the customer without prior advice.

The country fact files give general information which is updated through a process of legal and technological monitoring by FCBA Offshore Ltd; however, the latter does not accept responsibility with regard to local developments. Diagrams and packages are provided for information purposes and FCBA Offshore Ltd shall not be held liable for them.

The term “offshore” may be seen in some respects as tax fraud, tax evasion or abuse of law in some countries. Explications given may be considered illegal in some countries: they give a quick overview of international practices. They cannot be considered as final or applicable in terms of the examples given. Customers wishing to carry out such arrangements must consult a qualified adviser.

The term “opening an offshore bank account” means a service linking customers with authorized banking establishments and does not mean the opening by FCBA Offshore Ltd of an account on its own books.

Fight against money laundering

FCBA Offshore Ltd fights against money laundering and terrorist financing, both within its company and within its clients’ projects.

FCBA Offshore Ltd is committed to conducting its business in all objectivity, honesty and fairness, ensuring the primacy of the interests of the company, customers and market integrity. This commitment to comply with ethical standards not only aim to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions in which FCBA Offshore Ltd is involved, but also to gain and maintain long term confidence of its customers, shareholders, employees, and partners.